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There are 2 Layout.cshtml files in the Views folder. The active Layout.cshtml is a fixed width layout providing a standard centered layout. To switch to a fluid layout, rename the Layout.cshtml file to Layout-Fixed.cshtml, then rename the Layout-Fluid.cshtml file to Layout.cshtml. All of the changes for a fluid layout are already contained in the file.

There is a Search shape included with the theme. In order to use it, you must enable the Search features in Orchard. Once this is done, remove the comments around the Search shape in the Layout.cshtml file.

There is a User Menu shape included with the theme and enabled by default. The shape provides Username/Password inputs and a Login button in the navbar when a user is not logged in. When a user is logged in, it provides a dropdown menu with LogOut, Change Password, and Dashboard links (if the user has access). To disable the shape, comment out the User shape in the Layout.cshtml file.

The theme has been constructed so that creating a sticky footer is very easy. Simply remove the comments in the site.css file where the sticky footer code is located. The footer has been defaulted to 60 pixels in height. If you'd like to change the height, change both the negative margin for the wrapper and the height of the footer element.

The theme only supports the new navigation system that appeared with Orchard 1.5. The menu shapes have been modified to use the Bootstrap Dropdown script and styled to allow submenus. The site.css file contains code to allow for 3 levels of menu items (main and 2 subs). If additional levels are needed, simply follow the same pattern in the stylesheet.

There has been some customization of other shapes including metadata, comments, content summary and detail, user shapes, pagination. If you have any problems with the changes I've made when altering these shapes to suit your needs, please let me know and I'll attempt to help.

How to use the Carousel

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